Case Study: Payflash

Case Study: Payflash

P2P Cryptocurrency Wallet Development


Payflash is a peer-to-peer wallet for transferring USDT seamlessly, developed by The wallet provides full cycle of USDT transaction service from deposit, withdrawal, transfer to yield farming. User can buy USDT with credit cards, withdraw as fiat, and earn rewards by holding USDT in the wallet.

Payflash is a P2P wallet for transferring USDT seamlessly, developed by


  • Required fast data connection for dynamic data uploading and downloading for yield farming and real-time transaction
  • Required high standard security to ensure every transaction is protected
  • Need help from third party in exchanging fiat and cryptocurrency


Cryptocurrency Exchange Development One-stop managed solution offering stable & resilient infrastructure with high level of security and low-latency connectivity

  • Server deployment in GCP and UD Cloud
  • Overseas & China Content Delivery Network (CDN)
  • Penetration test and code scanning
  • Website Development

Key to Success

We are a team of experts with 20+ year's experience in handling diversify of projects to provide one-stop solution, from consultation, design, deployment to support. lines up clients with credit card companies, MoonPay & Simplex regarding exchange of fiat and cryptocurrency.

With Tier III standard Data Centres, ensures the infrastructure is of enterprise grade, provides fast and consistent speed, and high standard of security.

Partner with stable, resilient and secured Cloud Service Provider.

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