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Most of the people overlook how quickly technology evolves, and overestimate how quickly people can adapt to pioneer innovations. In the blink of an eye, we are moving from Web 2.0 to the next generation - Decentralized Web 3.0 with Blockchain. Are you ready for the new technology era?

In less than two decades, blockchain technology has evolved from blockchain 1.0 - cryptocurrency, to blockchain 2.0 - smart contracts, to blockchain 3.0 DApp (Decentralised Application) and more usable applications in various industries.

No doubt, blockchain technology will be the future. It will play a role and bring significant impact to your life before you know it. Are you keeping up with the technology development? If not, UDG.io is here to help you get there.

UDG.io aims to introduce the blockchain world to first mover. We walk you through this journey to explore more about blockchain, cryptocurrency, decentralization. Let’s dive into the decentralized world together.

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