Crypto Validator

Crypto Validator

Secure the ledger. Earn Crypto. Decentralize the network by providing computing resources.

Validators are node operators who each store a copy of the blockchain and must perform certain functions to keep the system secure. Validators earn rewards in a cryptocurrency Proof-of-Stake(POS) network.

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2 Ways Earning Staking Rewards in PoS Blockchain Network

Become Validator

Become Validator

  1. Own a server/Rent a server.
  2. Follow technical setup guide to join the network as a node.
  3. Stake your cryptocurrency into the server.
  4. Become validator and earn staking rewards.
Become Delegator

Become Delegator

  1. Stake/lock cryptocurrency to validator through web-based wallet, mobile, hardware wallet or etc., depends on the network you choose.
  2. Validators earn staking rewards & distribute to delegator based on commission rate.

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PoS is a consensus mechanism used in blockchain network. It requires a group of validators to validate transactions and create new blocks, ultimately achieving decentralization and distributed consensus.

Validator is the one who has stake in PoS blockchain network and have the right to vote for the improvement proposal. It is a node on the network that is able to validate new transactions and create blocks in exchange for rewards. To become validator, first you need to stake a certain amount of cryptocurrency, either doing it solo or running a stake pool. The amount and format varies between different blockchain networks (i.e. Every 32 ETH in Ethereum Network can become 1 validator). Next, build your server according to the technical setup guide provided by the blockchain network. Then you are set to be a validator.

While validator played a vital role on blockchain as a node, one disconnected validator may affect the entire network. Thats why stability is important. Therefore, validator server uptime less than 99.99% may be penalised by slashing mechanism.The penalty may be losing part of the rewards or even all of your stake, or being banned from the network.

Apart from validator, you can earn staking rewards through being delegator. Delegator can lock up or stake their cryptocurrency in validator to earn interest. It is similar to the concept of deposit money into the bank (validator) for interest as return. - Subscribe Now!

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