Case Study:

Case Study:

P2P Cryptocurrency Trading Platform Development


UDG has driven the development of, a peer-to-peer cryptocurrency trading platform. It is one of the first crypto trading platforms designed to provide users with the fastest, safest, most confidential cryptocurrency trading experience.

UDG has driven the development of, a peer-to-peer cryptocurrency trading platform.


  • This platform has been developed in the early stage of cryptocurrency trading, in face of many uncertainties about blockchain technology, trading platform business model, and people's adoption level of cryptocurrency.
  • Although the client has a clear objective of building a cryptocurrency trading platform, they are unsure of what is needed in terms of the requirement of the server infrastructure, web design, and security standard for crypto trading platform.


  • Web development consultation and execution
  • Design hosting server infrastructure
  • Web hosting
  • Implement various level of cybersecurity measures featuring Ceph storage, Cloudflare, cluster on premise, anti-DDoS, to provide all-rounded protection and high privacy.
  • Hidden source IP

Key to Success

We know what you not know about

When this project kicked off, blockchain technology and cryptocurrency was still in its early stage of development where not much reference was available in the market. We have led the research and development of the cryptocurrency trading platform, shared insights with the clients, and identified the potential concerns.

One-stop solution

From web design, hosting on server, to implementing security measures, has managed to deliver the entire project.

Partner with stable, resilient and secured Cloud Service Provider.

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