Decentralized Hosting & Storage (IPFS Hosting) |

Decentralized Hosting & Storage (IPFS Hosting)

The Decentralized Internet Infrastructure for Web3.0

We have been storing our content and information in the data centres owned by different service providers, but what if their services go down?

It is time to step into the next generation of the web - a more secure internet era. We are moving forward from “cloud storage” to ‘decentralised data networks’ as a way to improve data resiliency. In other words, your data is more secure during distribution across the global network of peers.

Inter Planetary File System (IPFS) in the blockchain world is a P2P distributed system for storing and accessing files, websites, applications, and data in a secure decentralised network.

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Advantage of IPFS

  • Advantage of IPFS - Highly secure and private for data storage

    Highly secure and private for data storage

  • Advantage of IPFS - Low latency for data distribution

    Low latency for data distribution

  • Advantage of IPFS - Censorship free communication

    Censorship free communication

Storage on blockchain can be expensive, how can cloud hosting on blockchain be cost effective? It is achieveable through cryptographic hashes.

How it works?

1. Your file will be cryptographically hashed into small chunks with a uniqued content identifier (CID) when you add a file to IPFS.

2. Data will be stored on the nodes of the network.

3. When you retrieve or view a file, you ask the network you’re connected to “Who has this content (hash)?”.

4. You will be connected to the corresponding nodes and download it.

5. It means no central servers, all the content will be pulled from the blockchain directly.

Decentralized Hosting & Storage (IPFS) - How it works?

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